Dinner à La Carte 18.00 hrs. – 23.00 hrs.

Casa Pascal is closed on Mondays



Online reservations submitted after 18:00 hrs. for the same evening might not be granted.

For a reservation tonight, please call +66 (0)61 643 99 69

Breakfast- & Lunch Buffet
 Dinner (only a la carte)

Inside  Outside
Your table will be held for a maximum of 30 minutes past your reserved time.



Prices and availability are subject to changes without prior notice

We offer a selection of House Wines, including two sparkling wines, two white and two red wines, as well as a pleasant Rosé from Chile.

Our Wine List is rather extensive and is a selection of wines from many countries, including France, Italy, Spain, Australia, United States, and rarely found wines from Switzerland.

Corkage Policy
As our livelihood and economic survival depends very much on our core business which is selling food and beverages, we do not encourage guests to bring their own food or beverages. If you feel tempted on bringing your own wine, liquor or spirit, we will serve your wine gracefully and in return charge you with 1000 Baht for a regular bottle of 7.5 dl (Magnum would logically be the double, etc)

However, if you order from us another bottle (7.5 dl) of wine for each bottle (7.5 dl) of wine you bring with you, the corkage fee is free.

For example: You bring 4 bottles, and you order 2 bottles from us, we will only charge you 2 x 1000 Baht. Bring-in food & beverages during any festive day or on special events is not permitted. We have an exclusive range of beverages for most of demands and budgets.

We appreciate your kind understanding.

*** Our prices are Net., incl. V.A.T. Tip is at your own discretion ***

Prices and availability are subject to changes without prior notice